The Perfect Destination to Enrich your Itineraries

Turrialba offers selective tourism, with options for unique combinations

With a location at the crossroads of the routes to the Caribbean, Sarapiquí, Arenal and North and South Pacific you can include Turrialba in your itineraries as a main objective. Furthermore, being only one and a half hours from San José, Turrialba is the best place to start or end your vacations in Costa Rica.

Turrialba is a Choice Destination for FIT´s, small and medium sized groups, offering great options for customized tours, team building, school or college group tours or individual families and friends. Land of small and medium lodges and hotels, and family restaurants, Turrialba offers plenty of opportunities for tourists, but is still a pristine and authentic location for lovers of Nature, Adventure and especially for those who would like to learn about Costa Rica´s Way of Life.

Turrialba: Costa Rica's Best-Kept Secret Turrialba Is a Special Place

It lies at the crossroads of the South Pacific, the Central Valley and the Caribbean Coast. This is where the famous pirate Morgan was defeated and was driven back to the shores of the Caribbean Sea. This is where the first cacao plantations in the country were established after the Spanish Conquest. With temperatures ranging from nearly freezing on cold days up at the top of the volcano to a tropical 36C down in the town on hot days, all within a distance of 30 km, the Turrialba region is unique in Costa Rica. The enormous differences in altitude and ecosystems in a small area make it one of the richest regions in plant and bird species. The region is mainly an agricultural area, in which sugarcane and coffee have played an important role for a very long time. It is famous for its fresh cheese, the Turrialba cheese, produced on the high slopes of the volcano, and sold nationwide. It is the cradle of peach palm and macadamia nut production. With Afro-Caribbean, Tico highland and indigenous populations, Turrialba is a unique mix. Warm at heart and friendly, Turrialba and its people welcome you.

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